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Sunday, September 25, 2011

27 weeks

Status: 27 weeks

My baby is now as long as a cucumber

 And weighs as much as a head of cauliflower.


I am still in such amazement! I still remember lying in bed and saying to DH, "I feel like flying to the moon is more probable then getting pregnant". I feel so blessed. I remember reading people's blogs who had lived with infertility or multiple pregnancy losses and then eventually got pregnant and thinking, is that possible? I started this blog not knowing where it would go, and here I am writing about being pregnant, and I am amazed.

I got two books in the mail the other day.


And Birthing From Within

I started with Birthing From Within and I am enjoying the focus on art work and getting to know your own thoughts and and feelings about birth. I haven't started on Hypnobrithing yet, but thought that both books would work in partnership with our natural birth class.

I also recently started prenatal yoga. Regular yoga makes me nauseated lately (going from downward dog to warrior to forward bend, jumbles up my already squished stomach) so the prenatal yoga is a refreshing evening. Everyone thinks I am so crazy for exercising this long (I still go to muscle works and yoga and what ever else the Y is offering that day, zumba or Y-bo), but if I don't exercise, I feel so sluggish and I am hoping that exercising will help the labour go better and help me loose the pregnancy weight after. If anything it gives me a break from the business of my life lately and gives me an energy boost.

I still have fears sometimes about loosing my baby. DH was talking the other night how he realizes now that anything is possible, the good and the bad. According to that stats only 1% of people have reoccurring pregnancy loss (although I suspect its actually more than that), but anyways, we realize now that we can be 1% of people. If we were 1% of people in this regard, what else are we going to be 1% of? But I try not to get caught up in the fear, which is easier some days then others. Hearing the babies heartbeat and feeling her move eases my worry.

My name is Emily. This is my unpredictable, sometimes challenging, some days amazing, journey in motherhood.

Summer Sun

The second trimister of pregnancy has been going wonderfully and I have been enjoying the summer sun with DH and baby bump.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Conversation

Me: I love you.

You: (Strong kicks)

Me: I love you more than anything I have ever experienced. I have loved you for a long, long time. I can not decide when my love for you began. You are a miracle. You are the manifestation of love. I wake-up each morning happy and amazed. And I thank my Father in Heaven for you. You are a miracle.

You: I know. Want to see my back flip?