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Sunday, December 18, 2011

39 Weeks

39 weeks pregnant!!! Wow!!! My due date is next Sunday, Christmas day. So many wonderful things have been happening lately, I want to capture them because I have a feeling I am going to blink and these last few days of still and quiet before the baby comes will be gone.

Blessing Way
On the first weekend of the month my sister held a blessing way for me at my mothers home. (See http://www.naturalbirthandbabycare.com/blessingway.html). I big snow storm blew in that night, but despite the cold weather, most of the woman I had invited were still able to make it. It was a small gathering of woman who make up my support network. The woman who have been on this journey in motherhood with me.

The evening was simple, just the way I like it. Candles were light and the mood was relaxed. One of my younger sisters painted my toenails while the woman passed around a paper and a wrote down gifts of service they planned to bring/do once the baby came.

Then each woman presented me with a bead that she had picked out for my birthing necklace. Something to give me inspiration while I am birthing. As each woman gave me their bead they explained why they had picked it out for me. Each bead was unique and inspiring. As I received each one I strung it on to my necklace. At the end of the evening I was left with a necklace I can wear during my birth, reminding me of the woman who are supporting me in this journey.

The remainder of the evening was spent eating good food and visiting.

It made this next step of birthing and mothering seem much more real. I also feel more confident moving forward, knowing that this group of woman surrounds me and believes in me.

Baby's Room
The baby's room is coming along! Poor thing, she doesn't even really get her own room. Its a baby room/office. Oh well. I think she will survive.

We got a used crib and change table for less then $100 and they look fantastic. I have spent many mornings organizing and cleaning and getting it all ready for her. I think its pretty much there. I keep thinking of one more thing to do, but remind myself that there will always be one more thing to do.

This Christmas season has been special for me. I have been working in the helping professions for the past 10 years, so Christmas has typically been filled with Christmas decorating and client and staff Christmas functions. While I have been to a few Christmas events this year, its been a more quiet Christmas, giving me time to step away from the rushed and busy side of Christmas and remember what Christmas is all about, the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

Being pregnant at this time is special. I am amazed at Mother Mary's journey. I feel pretty buff if I walk to the post office or make it through a step class at the gym. Mary rode a donkey or walked for 100 miles. That is sacrifice. That is faith. That is love.

I am amazed at how the birth, life and death of one so long ago impact my life today. I have been reflecting on the peace I feel through my Saviour. How he was been with me through every step of this journey, the hard awful, fearful parts and the wonderful, joyous parts. And I know that as I take my next  step into the unknown, He will be there.

Belly Cast
Friday night DH and I created a belly cast. (For more info see www.proudbody.com) We didn't use a kit, just some plaster gauze from the local craft store. I am had to sit very still while DH worked away. My back got sore and I had some itches under the cast and the whole time I was wondering "is this going to work out"? But when DH pulled it off my belly an hour lately and I saw the finished product, it was worth it. Our little bean thought it was pretty neat too. She was kicking so much the whole time, she must have liked all the attention my belly was getting. The cast kept moving she was kicking so hard. She can be funny like that, moving when its time to be still and then when I want her to move being quiet. She seems to have a personality already.

Home Birth Preparations
My goal this week has been to gather up all the supplies for our home birth. I think I finally have everything, including 25 towels!! The list also includes a swimming pool, a hose, baby blankets and clothes, cleaning supplies, important documents and candles.

We went to a home birth prep class the other night. This was different than the 10 prenatal classes we have completed. This class was put on by the midwifes and was more specific to home birth/midwife services. Topics included, when to call the midwifes, what supplies to have and what to include in a birth plan.

I think we were the youngest people in the class by at least 10 years. And I think that we were the only ones having our first baby. Not sure what to think about that. But one thing I was grateful for was a husband who supports and is now totally into home birth. Some of the couples there, the wife wanted a home birth but the Dad didn't. So I am grateful that DH and I are on the same page.

With my birth kit packed and my birth plan written, I am feeling ready.

My name is Emily and this is my journey in Motherhood.