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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthing Goddess

Birthing Goddess and her Partner
Created November 11, 2011

Grounded and centered
Connected to Mother Earth
Squatting low
Letting gravity, letting the Universe work with her

Uterus opening
Peeling back
Expanding to new life

Spine strong

Glowing with love and life
Making room for new life

Heart beating for two
What love!
Love without beginning or end
Love that transforms and endures
Lave that withstands storms and heartaches
Love that grows

Life source
She is a source of life!
And for a time, it is enough
She lets go
Really deep down
Lets go
And embraces the unknown of Mothering
She is content simply nursing and caring
For all things there is a season
This is her season for supporting life
So lets go and simplifies

Her arms are open and flexible
Adaptable to the changes of
Able to reach heaven
And to hold her baby
And to hang on to her husband

Not thinking with logic
       or timetables
           or expectations
Thinking through her heart

Hair specked with gray
Hers and the woman supporting her
The woman she is connected to through generations

She is woman
She is pregnancy

She is brave, yet supported
She is strong, yet open
She is grounded, yet reaching

She is.

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