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Thursday, April 19, 2012

One handed iPod blogging

I am blogging with one hand on my iPod because my little one is cuddled up with me in bed and if I move she will wake up.

Maybe I am starting some bad habits, but I co-nap a lot, okay almost always these days, and the past two nights we have coslept. She just seems so much happier when she is cuddled up with me. Right now she keeps fluttering her eyes open, smiling and then drifting back to sleep. When she slept in her own bed she would randemmley cry out during the night. I would have to rub her tummy to get her back to sleep. When she slept in our bed she seemed to sleep better and I did too. Cuddled between the two people I love. Feeling safe and warm. Does it get much better?

Will I co-sleep again tonight? Well see.

My name is Emily and this is my journey in motherhood that I am recording with one hand on my iPod.

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