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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Starting My Stash

My adventures in cloth diapering.

Why I cloth diaper:
  1. It’s better for the environment.
  2.  It saves money
  3. The diapers are so soft and comfy.

I started with a cloth diaper service. I would leave my diapers outside in a bag once a week and clean diapers would get dropped of. Super easy.

But to save money I wanted to do my own.

So I started experimenting with a few different types of diapers.

Motherease fitted, sized, bamboo (Sandy Diaper)
Pros: Super soft and absorbent, good fit
Cons: Need to buy multiple sizes

Motherease fitted one-size, organic cotton
Pros: Only need to buy one size of diapers
Cons: Bulky

Omaiki Sleep, one size
Pros: Soft and super absorbent, just need one size
Cons: Haven’t found any yet

Bummies Wetbag (travel sized)
AppleChecks Pail Bag

 Bamboo/Hemp Liners
Pros: Add to a diaper for night time. No night time changing needed.
Cons: Cant think of any

I haven't tried this one yet. But it sure saves a lot of money. A package of 10 disposable swim diapers cost me $15. This reusable swim diaper cost $15. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

I liked the Motherease fitted diaper (Sandy diaper). It wasn't as bulky as the one size fits all type and the fabric was super soft and absorbent. Plus when I went to the store they had a bunch on consignment, still in great condition and only $10!! So now I am prepping them all (I have to wash and dry them three times to get the fabric ready). So I should be ready to roll tomorrow.

My name is Emily and this is my journey in cloth diapering. 

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