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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missy 4 Months Old

Missy I an loving this 4 month old stage. You are so much fun.

• you can roll from your tummy to your back and from your back to your tummy (but you don't do it very often)

• you like to laugh

• you love to be outside. Yesterday you had a big nurse and cuddle under the shade of the tree in the front yard.

• you try to eat dirt. If we lay you on a blanket you will reach to the side and grab a handful of dirt. So far we have stopped you from getting it to your mouth.

• you smile at everyone. Last week when I took you for your shots you even smiled at the nurse after she poked you. At first you screamed, then after cuddling with me, you turned around and gave the nurse a big smile.

• you like to wear your sunglasses .

• you like to sleep in momma's bed. You have been waking up a lot more at night. I get tired of nursing you in your bed (a little mattress on the floor beside our bed) so half way during the night I put you in bed beside me. I think we both enjoy cuddling all night long.

Missy I love you so much. I waited such a long time for you to come to earth. I feel so blessed for every day that we have together.

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