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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I am grateful for:

1) A husband who helped me last night. Missy was fussy last night. She wouldn't nurse and I couldn't cuddle her back to sleep. DH took her in the sling and walked with her so I could rest for a bit. Then when she finally nursed he brought me a snack. I asked him just to grab me a granola bar, but he brought me that and a cut up apple. 

2) Help during church today. Missy does not like church for some reason. She is always fussy there. Maybe because we have to get her up early, maybe because they're are so many people (new sounds, new smells). I don't know. But she is not a big fan of church. We even let her wear her pjs to church thinking that she doesn't like wearing a dress and tights, but she still cries. Anyways. I was feeling discouraged a few weeks ago, thinking, is there a point in going if I am just walking the hallways? Sense telling DH this he has really been helping out at church. He takes Missy in the sling for the first two hours. He looks so handsome standing in the back of the chapel or classroom with her in the forest green sling. Also, today one of the sisters at church carried Missy for awhile so I could listen to the lesson.

3) Family. My family has been such a support lately. Last week I was feeling a little Mommied out, so I have been taking extra care this week to tap into my support network. I spent the day on Monday with my Mom, just hanging out. There is something so therapeutic about being home. Then one of my sisters came over for a sleep over during the week and helped entertain Missy while I folded laundry (something I had been trying to get to all week), watched Missy while I went to the gym and then helped take Missy swimming. I am grateful for family.

4) Art work. I sat down at my art table yesterday for the first time sense having Missy and created a piece just for myself just for the pure pleasure of creating. I kept cutting the gluing without thinking about the process or the outcome. I just created. At the end of the process I felt rejuvenated and felt the piece was reminding me that I am living my dreams. (Hopefully I can post this piece and tell you more about it latter).

5) Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the peace that comes into my life knowing that I can be forgiven of sins and shortcomings and start over. I am grateful to know that he is watching over my life. When I look at my daughter, I am reminded that he has a plan for me and that he is shaping my life, I just need to let go and trust.

My name is Emily and today I am grateful.  

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