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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(Miss)Adventures in Nursing

Okay, I LOVE nursing. Its relaxing, keeps me grounded, its easy and its good for my baby.

I am pretty open about nursing, but today I might have been too open.

I was shopping, Missy started fussing, so I went into the hallway between the stores and started nursing her in the sling. I was trying to be desecrate, keeping the end of the sling over us and just walking at the end of the hallway. This old couple comes up to me, asks "is that a little one? Can we see?" Quick, what do I do? I am assuming they can't tell I am nursing. But here is this cute couple wanting to see my baby. I tell them "oh I am nursing her", but they are old and I don't think they hear me. So not knowing what to do and not really thinking it through, I turn towards them. I think I embarrassed the older gentleman. There is my little girl, nursing away. He says "Oh I didn't know you were feeding" and quickly walks away. I immediately felt bad. I wonder what the man was thinking. Did I shock him? Did he think I was embarrassed? Who knows.

When I came home and told DH the story, we both had a good laugh. We are still laughing about it. DH wishes he had been there to see my expression.

Moral of the story: Make sure the old  man hears you when you say "I am feeding my baby".

My name is Emily and I had a good laugh today.

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