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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Beginnings of My Blog...

I have thought of starting a blog about my journey in Motherhood for some time and now that I am actually doing it, I am both excited and a little nerves. Seeing the title of my blog Emily:motherhoodjourney gave me a sense of, yes, this is my journey, yes this is my story, yes, I am a mother, an empowering feeling and a little overwhelming.

This blog started off as a book. I had pieces of journey in motherhood scribbled on scarp papers, jotted down in journals and collaged on my wall and I wanted to gather all these pieces into one collective whole, so I started a book. But it soon become too overwhelming. I got up until the point of the second miscarriage and just couldn’t go any farther. Maybe it was too painful to relive. Maybe it was too recent and fresh to explore. So my book stopped.

I still wanted to chronicle my journey, both for my own growth/reflection/remembrance, but also in the hope that maybe someone else could relate to it too, and not feel so alone. Instead of focusing on the past (the way my book was) I wanted to focus on the here and now, the experiences and emotions I experience each day. So I started thinking of a blog. And then one day I wasn’t thinking anymore, and I was doing.

My name is Emily and this is the story of My Journey in Motherhood.

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