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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let the Tests Begin

Last week we had our first visit at the fertility clinic (which will be a blog entry all of its own), but yesterday we went for our first blood work tests. DH only had one. Poor guy.  I on the other hand, had 16 vials drawn. One was for genetic testing (this is the one that DH had to do as well), some were for hormone testing and some for blood clotting tests.

I am not a big fan of needles in the first place, but I seem to have had a lot in the last few years and usually get by with no episode. Not so yesterday. After they sucked 16 vials of blood out of me I started to feel a little dizzy. Had to sit with my head between my knees and they gave me some sugar water to drink. DH took good care of me. We sat for awhile before heading home, but it took a good hour before I felt myself again.

Actually getting the testing done is an exciting step. It gives me some hope. FINALLY something is being done; we are getting one step closer to getting some answers (whatever those answers will be). We have a follow-up appointment for the 28th of February to get the results back.

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