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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prenatal Vitamins

I have a love, hate relationship with prenatal vitamins. I started taking them back in the summer of 2007, the pink chalky ones that made me sick if I didn’t have something to eat first. I felt so eager and secretive when I first bought them and kept them hidden in the kitchen cupboard so company wouldn’t see them.  
2007 seems like a lifetime ago. I am still on prenatals, although I have advanced to the more expensive brand recommend by my naturopath, and I am still not pregnant. I have had a variety of feelings when purchasing prenatals. Shortly after one of my m/c I went to the local health food store again, to stock up, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be trying again or not, but figured I should stay on them just in case we did. When I went to the check-out some perk pregnant lady who looked close to her due date rang me through and gave me her personal opinion on my purchase, talking about the vitamins making her nauseated or something. I must have given her a death look when I said “I am not pregnant”.  She just smiled, handed me my bag and said “well, good-luck”. I almost bit her head off.
Yesterday, I went to the same store, went down the same isle and bought the same vitamins for the millionth time (I swear, I keep the prenatal company and the pregnancy test company in business). This time though, I felt hopeful. I stocked up, thinking either I am going to trying for a long time, or at least I will need enough for the next nine months.
Whatever happens, I got my prenatals.

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